Lowe Guardians Offers Affordable Housing in London

 - Sep 1, 2017
References: loweguardians & fastcodesign
Rent figures in London are at historic highs, and Lowe Guardians offers people the ability to live in the city for less. The platform effectively serializes squatting, allowing people to rent spaces as "guardians" rather than as tenants, reducing the rent cost in the process.

Landlords who own buildings that aren't up to code for rental have previously been faced with a problem. Those empty spaces can quickly become derelict or possessed by squatters, and if squatters occupy a space for ten or more years they legally gain possession of it. Rather than hiring security, landlords have the option to assign guardians to their spaces — permanent, live-in residents who serve as de facto security against squatters. Since guardians are living in unfinished spaces, they pay significantly less for rent (though Lowe Guardians ensures that all the spaces listed have essential amenities like a bathroom, a kitchen, Wi-Fi, and a locking bedroom.