- Aug 26, 2017
Amid the ongoing diesel emissions reporting scandals rocking the automotive industry, the August 2017 autos trends continue to blaze on at maximum efficiency. Whether as a result of automated technologies, electric engines, or pure speed and power, the car trends from this month are as impressive as ever.

As far as actual vehicles are concerned, SUVs are popular in the summer months. With nice weather giving more people the chance to get out into the wilderness, the vehicles are an ideal combination of toughness and versatility. Some of the newest offerings include the Jaguar E-Pace and the Volvo XC60 Polestar.

But car trends extend beyond vehicles themselves. There are several products dedicated to car brands and auto styles, like Renault's Fomula One teapot and the Porsche Huawei smart watch.

From Anti-Fatigue Driving Wearables to Car-Branded Teapots: