The Audi A8 is Built With a Luxurious Travel Experience in Mind

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: cnet & engadget
The 2019 Audi A8 is the first semi-autonomous sedan to go into production.

The newest A8 will have level three autonomy and a mild hybrid engine. Its 'Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot' will move the car along independently through dense traffic on and off the highway. This semi-autonomous sedan is capable of parking itself, even with the driver standing outside of the vehicle. The car will take care of acceleration, steering, breaking and starting from a stop. This means the car will be able to drive itself while the driver completes other tasks. If the car needs assistance, the vehicle will notify the driver.

Not only is this is closest the average consumer can get to owning an autonomous vehicle, but the executive back seating is built for total luxury. The back seats feature removable, touch-screen displays, a foot massager and tons of leg room.