- Aug 27, 2017
August 2017 transportation trends reveal a movement to more environmentally friendly methods of travel, combined with the modernization of traditional methods of traveling in urban areas.

Indian Railways offers an extremely popular method of travel in India, and the company is now accommodating environmentally friendly designs into its new trains. The train will feature solar panels that greatly reduce the amount of fuel needed for it to function, working to reduce costs and put less of a strain on the environment at the same time.

London's black taxis will soon be getting a tech revamp, while still offering the same classic design that they are known for. The taxis' new design will be electric and will have an extended charge when compared to the taxis' other electric models. The city is seeking to implement zero-emissions taxis by 2020, ensuring these oft-used vehicles are no longer emitting carbon into the air.

From Solar Paneled Trains to Modernized Urban Taxis: