AART's Redesigned Train Carriages Serve a Variety of Purposes

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: dezeen
AART, a Danish architecture and design studio, has recently created a series of whimsical pop-up train carriages to enliven a suburb of the town of Aarhus. The old train cars have been transformed into small pop-up spaces, including things like a one-room hotel, a general store, a garden, and a roving lounge area.

The pop-up train carriages are a reference to Aarhus' history. The town once had a bustling industrial area on its outskirts, but much of that industry has since declined to make way for other businesses. Infrastructural remnants like train tracks remain, so AART imagined what would happen if those tracks were once again put to use.

At the moment, Aarhus' pop-up train carriages are mostly conceptual. However, AART has dreams of turning them into permanent fixtures that run through the connected towns on the existing rails.