Taipei Transformed Its Subway Cars to Promote 'Universiade'

 - Jul 17, 2017
References: thisiscolossal & thisiscolossal
The city of Taipei has developed a unique marketing strategy to generate interest for the approaching Summer Universiade 2017.

Universiade is a large international sporting event, second only to the Olympics. To create buzz for the events Easycard Corporation transformed the city's subway carriages into surprisingly realistic simulations of various sporting venues.The subway car's makeover focuses mainly on the floor detailing, which has been changed to depict various scenes, from grassy to water-based. Made using laminate overlays of the floor's of sports venues, these new subway cars have been altered to appear as basketball courts, soccer fields and most popularly, swimming pools.

This innovative marketing strategy serves as an immersive method of city-wide inclusion, generating an international buzz, while capturing the immediate attention of potential ticket-buyers.