Pix Presents Electromobility in the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Form

 - Jul 27, 2017
References: 2sympleks.pl & designboom
The industrial designers at '2SYMPLEKS' have created a vibrant rendering of 'PIX' -- a short urban vehicle that aims to make electromobility fashionable.

The benefits of electric cars are undeniable, however, green vehicles are frequently met with hesitation because of their often quirky and distinctive designs. PIX aims to combat this issue by serving as a unique and stylish alternative to the traditional form of the electric vehicle. It is short and compact, but offers its users a wide range of characteristics to provide people with a green car, in the most aesthetically appealing and modern form.

PIX's grid-like tires, curved roof, ample trunk space and adaptive seating takes the vehicle from a simple means of transportation to a form of cultural identification and style.

Photo Credits: designboom, 2sympleks.pl