French Car Brand 'Renault' Has Designed a Celebratory Formula One Teapot

This car branded teapot has been unveiled by French car-makers, 'Renault.'

Released to celebrate its 40th anniversary in Formula 1, this seemingly off-brand product has a fantastic story behind it that makes it the perfect way to commemorate 40 years racing. Renault's debut at a 1977 Formula 1 Grand Prix was a bright yellow RS01. At the debut, there were unexpected issues with the vehicle that caused the car to smoke from engine trouble. When the great Formula 1 racer and head of the Renault team Ken Tyrrell saw the car, he jokingly called it a "Yellow Teapot." The nickname stuck throughout other Grand Prix events and solidified the smoking RS01 as an iconic image in Formula 1 history.

This car-branded teapot has been designed to look like the RS01 and brings the brand full circle.