From Customized Whiskey Blends to In-Store Sneaker Creators

 - Jan 15, 2018
These personalized product experiences range from customized whiskey blends to in-store sneaker creators like the 'Nike Makers Experience' -- a kiosk that allows consumers to create their dream shoe on the spot, with a pair ready to take home in just 90 minutes.

Other notable examples include bespoke denim pop-ups and customizable skincare labs. While the Unspun Pop-Up gave visitors a chance to purchase custom-fitted denim pieces with the help of 3D imaging technology, the St Ives Mixing Bar brand activation opened its doors in New York this past summer and was open for six weeks. While open, the pop-up featured creation stations allowing consumers to personalize signature skincare products, and scents.

Customized coffee blends, experiential sports bra pop-ups, and sneaker-monogramming services round off this list of personalized product experiences. Each example speaks to consumers' growing desire for niche products that are reflective of their personal style and functional needs while standing apart aesthetically.