The 'O’ket' Power Strip Features an Unorthodox Way to Plug Things in

 - Oct 18, 2017
References: yankodesign
Power bars have become essential in the computer age as more and more items require charging and plugging in, so the 'O’ket' power strip has been designed to offer a more freestyle method to get everything connected to power.

The 'O’ket' works by incorporating a series outlet holes that are present across the entire unit to let users fit the plugs in wherever they desire or require. This enables plugs of all sizes to easily be connected without having to deal with one blocking out the possibility for another to be plugged in.

The 'O’ket' power strip is the design work of Sungick Jo, Hyeonjin See and SunKyung Bae, and identifies a need for more freestyle methods to keep products plugged in and charging.