- Nov 25, 2017
No matter what the hobby, the November 2017 tech trends demonstrate that technology is taking nearly every activity to a whole new level.

For young consumers who are used to using technology to tackle most daily tasks, it seems only natural to rely on digital tools to enhance their favorite pastimes. For instance the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic is designed to help amateur singers feel as though they are truly hitting the stage. Similarly, the ROV Camera Slider is a new tool that lets budding filmmakers give their productions a sheen of professionalism.

Beyond millennials, the November 2017 tech trends reveal that even toys for younger children are getting a high-tech upgrade. Some examples of these tech-infused playthings include the 360° Underwater Toy Action Cam, a robotic cat called Qoobo, and an AR-infused teddy bear known as Parker.

From AR-Infused Teddy Bears to Singing Exercise Equipment: