The LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Masks Boast a Streamlined Aesthetic

 - Sep 27, 2017
References: yankodesign
The design of sleep apnea masks is often quite cumbersome which can prevent the wearer from getting a truly restful sleep, so the LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Masks are designed as a more functional, discreet option. Designed by HSD Ventures, the masks boast a simple nose cup along with a series of tubing that puts it out away from the person's face to ensure that they don't feel inhibited during sleep.

The mask also has a soft, flexible design to make for easy cleaning to keep the equipment in top shape when being used on a nightly basis. The LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Masks identify a need for more streamlined at-home health solutions for those who are managing chronic issues such as sleep apnea.