From Interactive Yoga Platforms to Boomer-Friendly Venues

 - Nov 26, 2017
While the cooler months are often seen as a time for hibernation and staying in, the November 2017 lifestyle trends demonstrate that consumers are eager to remain social and connected even as temperatures drop.

For millennials and other young consumers, staying connected doesn't have to mean going out. Indeed, technology continues to make it easy to interact and stay in touch without leaving one's home. One of the latest examples of connected tech is Manduka + Yogaia, which is the first live online interactive yoga platform where members have the opportunity to join a class through their webcam and receive feedback from instructors in real-time.

However, it is not just millennials making an effort to stay social. The November 2017 lifestyle trends also reveal a growing number of social spaces for older consumers who want to socialize and stay active. One such example is Smash Park, which combines food and drinks with low-impact activities like Pickellball.