The PerioTwist is a Futuristic Alternative to Dental Floss

 - Oct 11, 2017
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When it comes to keeping their smile healthy and pearly white, most consumers rely on the trusted combination of a good toothbrush and a healthy dose of dental floss. Unfortunately for most people, brushing and flossing neglects the crucial inter-dental area of the mouth, which is the area most prone to gum disease. Luckily, the PerioTwist provides consumers with an easy way to ensure that this area of the mouth never becomes a cause for concern.

The PerioTwist is a futuristic oral care device that helps consumers keep their smiles healthy, clean, and smelling extra fresh. The revolutionary device is an interdental cleaner and delivery tool that not only addresses the shortcomings of traditional dental floss, but also provides a superior cleaning solution to pricey floss alternatives.

The primary issue with floss and floss alternatives, is that neither are able to effectively reach the interdental space in the mouth, which is where dental plaque is known to accumulate and fester. This problem is exacerbated over time as embrasures and interdental spaces become larger with age and even less accessible. The result is an increased accumulation of plaque and subsequent oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and caries.

On the other hand, the PerioTwist is an inter-dental cleaner that cleans and medicates to prevent these common oral diseases. Users simply insert the device between their teeth and twist or pull the device to clean the area. The patented 'screw' technology ensures that the area is effectively cleaned and users can even choose to coat the device in medicaments for added treatment benefits.

While there are alternatives to floss that claim similar benefits, these tools often tear, scratch or break easily. In contrast, the PerioTwist's FDA approved high-tech plastics finish reduces the likelihood of early breakage. In fact, users can get up to 20 uses out of a single device.

For those who have grown tired and frustrated with the arduous task of daily flossing, it's time to kiss dental floss goodbye and embrace the future of oral care with the PerioTwist.

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