Zare's Printed Toothbrush Offers an Alternative to Plastic Brushes

 - Sep 27, 2017
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There are plenty of toothbrush designs that have been retooled to offer more stylish and ergonomically friendly designs, but this 3D-printed toothbrush from Zare sets itself apart on both fronts.

The handle of the brush is printed from either stainless steel or titanium and offers a completely different experience than conventional plastic toothbrushes. In fact, the design may be customized in a finish of one's choosing, with matte, polished, galvanized or MioRaw options available. As the brush boasts a form created with 3D printing, it is manufactured in both right- and left-handed versions.

As a metal toothbrush with a removable brush head, the premise is that investing in this oral care tool from Zare will make for a long-lasting purchase. The sleek tube packaging that encases the product is also 3D printed and each individual toothbrush comes with its own serial number.