Whiskey River Soap Co. Created a Scented Bath Bomb for "Bad Hombres"

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: whiskeyriversoap
Whiskey River Soap Co. offers a wide range of soothing, comically branded and scented bath bomb products, but one standout variety is a "bath bomb for bad hombres." The handmade Bad Hombres bath bombs are said to be "scented with Latin danger"—leather and orange chili pepper—and offer a soothing bath experience for the senses.

Aiming to help men indulge in healthy self-care rituals, many brands are now launching dedicated cosmetic collections and skincare ranges expressly for male audiences. With this shift in the men's grooming industry, a growing number of men are becoming willing to trade in traditional unisex brands for premium products and an upgraded experience that better fits their lifestyle. Many young male Millennials are leading this change, as they are open to new experiences and have grown up knowing that self-care is a vital part of one's overall health and well-being.