The 'NMS' Device Performs Microneedle Therapy from Home

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: yankodesign
Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are increasing in popularity as consumers seek out ways to improve their appearance without going under the knife, so the 'NMS' device has been created as a way to perform microneedle therapy whenever you want or need it.

The 'NMS (Needle Machine for Skin)' works by incorporating a series of needles that permeate the skin to offer rejuvenation in a way that makes the epidermis appear richer and fuller. This offers a way to avoid fillers and chemical injections by stimulating your body's natural response to external treatments.

The 'NMS' microneedle therapy device is the design work of Yong-woo Park and identifies the increased focus on consumer technology products that can be used in a simple manner to perform procedures from home.