- Jan 30, 2019
From gua sha stone scrapers to rose quartz rollers and other high-tech handheld tools, skin-perfecting facial massage tools are becoming ingrained in consumers' beauty and self-care rituals for numerous reasons. While these non-invasive tools help to improve circulation and ultimately create a healthy glow, facial massage tools are also beneficial for alleviating tense facial muscles, promoting the production of collagen and helping various skincare products deeply penetrate the skin.

While some of the most coveted facial massage tools are rather low-tech, sculpted from metal or semi-precious stones, others integrate various technologies that are cooling or cleansing. In the case of Kat Burki’s Micro-Firming Wand, the applicator automatically begins vibrating when it senses moisture and ceases once a skincare product has been fully absorbed.

From Luxurious Face-Sculpting Tools to Quartz Face Rollers: