This Micro-Firming Wand Stops Vibrating When a Product is Absorbed

 - Apr 4, 2018
References: katburki & newbeauty
Kat Burki’s Micro-Firming Wand is an intelligent handheld cosmetic applicator that can be used to help active ingredients in a skincare product go further.

One of the features that sets the cord-free, transdermal device apart from others is that it will automatically begin vibrating once moisture is sensed and automatically stop when it detects that a product has been fully absorbed. As the brand notes, the tool is useful for "allowing active anti-aging nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin by 30%."

The Micro-Firming Wand is powered by iconic energy, which means that the device cannot be used on others—unless both individuals are holding hands to complete the ionic bond. As such, the device automatically turns itself off when it is not in contact with the skin.