'Qoobo' is a Robotic Cat with a Tail That Moves in Response to Touch

 - Oct 5, 2017
References: ux-xu & mashable
Those who love animals but aren't quite ready for the commitment might fall in love with 'Qoobo,' a soft robotic cat that serves as an alternative to a real feline friend.

This device, which was revealed at this year's CEATAC trade show in Japan, sits somewhere between a robot and a pillow, serving as a furry companion that's complete with a wagging tail. This soft toy can rest on a user's lap, responding to touch by moving its tail. This docile device is perfect for those who seek the comfort a cat provides, but are wary of the scratching the and litter box duties that come with it.

This adorable robotic cat is available in two colors, and intends to serve as a cat therapist for those seeking low commitment companionship.