The Art of Shopping Presented by eBay Measures Brain Signals

 - Oct 5, 2017
References: tamebay & ebay
eBay recently unveiled what it is calling The Art of Shopping, or "the world’s first subconscious shopping experience."

eBay created a gallery-style setting in partnership with Saatchi Art where people are equipped with electroencephalogram headsets to get a sense of what inspires them. As a result, the EEG headsets are said to "unlock micro-moments of inspiration" and help to compile a personalized shopping cart from the eBay marketplace filled with items that elicit similar psychological responses. With its neuroscience-based shopping research, eBay has identified some of the patterns of what it calls "shop-y-cats" who follow the crowd and buy the same things as others, as well as inspired shoppers who are passionate about enriching their lives with meaningful, personal items.

The Art of Shopping experience from eBay experience goes hand-in-hand with the launch of a new ecommerce homepage that's built on AI and machine learning to offer more personalization.