The 'LUX' Air Purifications Systems Combat Against in-Car Pollution

 - Sep 25, 2017
References: yankodesign
Concerns over air quality is pushing many consumers to seek out air purification systems that will help to combat against pollution in their indoor areas which is what the 'LUX' system enables. Designed by Black Parkinson, the 'LUX' system consists of the main photocatalytic oxidization module that is placed in the car cabin to use a three-step purification method to improve air quality. This helps to improve air quality on a microscopic level to ensure that debris isn't just cycled out but that other pollutants are broken down before they make it into your lungs.

The 'LUX' air purification systems also include a removable air monitor that can be affixed onto ones bag or person to let them keep an eye on the air quality that they encounter when going about their routine.