The usmile U1 Toothbrush Operates for 6 Months on a 3-Hour Charge

 - Oct 9, 2017
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A deterrent for consumers considering the electric toothbrush option is the availability of a power outlet next to the sink –– a concern that bears no weight in the case of the usmile U1. You only have to charge this toothbrush once every six months, and that charge can complete in less than half the time you're asleep in a single night.

The innovative oral hygiene implement by inDare Design Strategy Limited won it a Red Dot Design Award on several counts. Of course, its energy efficiency was a winning feature, yet it's also been praised for its clean look, its intuitive functionality and its composition of high-grade materials. The usmile U1 is available in pastel blue, pink and light grey to fit subtly into the environment of your bathroom.

Photo Credit: Amazon