- Nov 26, 2017
In 'Signs', the song by Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band, the band preaches taking down all the prescriptive signs around them, effectively de-signing their lives, but for those more interested in designing their lives, the November 2017 design trends should be able to help. The wealth of design ideas listed here span several different industries, showing the value of good design no matter one's own area of expertise.

The most striking designs are often those that are most extreme. If a design is truly and completely original, it is most likely to capture the attention of the people who see and use that product. One such example is the new Yamaha Electric Violin concept. Though electric violins aren't new, the shape of the Yamaha model is unique in the field, making it a striking instrument for modern players.

From Newfangled String Instruments to Ergonomic Face Pillows: