An Indoor Floating Garden Lets Greenery Contribute to the Architecture

 - Oct 9, 2017
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A clever an gorgeous solution to integrating plants into interior spaces is to install Pendularis Indoor Floating Gardens. So quickly can high-demand surfaces such as tabletops and floors become cluttered with decorative objects, which is why this system has been designed to impose no footprint at all.

The winner of a Red Dot Design Award, this modular LED-lit contraption comprises a tubular aluminum planter that can be extended to span the space desired. It may sit on a stable footing to trim the foot of a wall, or it can suspend from the ceiling by undetectable steel wires. Several tiers can be installed in series, creating lush partitions to separate open-plan spaces. The functional and aesthetic options abound.

And one crucially attractive feature of the Pendularis Indoor Floating Garden is that you only have to water its succulent plants every three weeks to maintain them.