From Creative Ideation Hubs to Recycled Plastic Bottle Furniture

 - Nov 26, 2017
These November 2017 home trends cover a range of unique accessory pieces that add to one's interior, innovative furniture designs, and services that intend to make the designing process easier for homeowners.

An example of the latter is the 'Streem' app, which uses augmented technology to give users estimates for the home services that they are looking for. With the combination of Apple's ARKit and Digital Toolbox, the app allows a user to take images and measurements instantly, so that they can shorten the time spent on a project.

One especially unique furniture piece that's featured is the 'Sinkhole' coffee table, which is topped of with a modern-looking moss garden that's protected by a panel of glass. This design allows those who are lacking some greenery in their homes to incorporate it without losing any space.