'Renaisscent' is a Waterless Next-Generation Scent Diffuser

 - Oct 11, 2017
References: producthype.co & digitaltrends
The Rennaisscent is a smart, waterless device that offers a modern approach to scent diffusing.

As well as being portable and app-connected, the system offers plenty of other features that will appeal to those with a love of customization. Rennaisscent uses a fan to spread pleasing scents across a room and makes it possible for users to specify how gentle or intense the diffusion should be.

The battery-operated Rennaisscent system may be loaded with three fragrance capsules, each of which contains three fragrances that may be mixed and matched. As Rennaisscent puts it, there's "a scent for every stressor." To customize the scents emitted, users may turn to the Renaisscent app and even specify when their preferred scent blends should be emitted.

Rennaisscent is set to be introduced as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.