Tanvi Chaurasia Created the 'Happy Hatch' Packaging Design

Tanvi Chaurasia, a product design student from Pune, India, is the creator of 'Happy Hatch,' an environmentally friendly form of egg packaging that prevents the shells from breaking as they're transported.

Specifically, Chaurasia created the smart packaging system with super markets and general stores in mind, as the simple 3-ply sheets of cardboard that are used to construct the cartons are easy to manufacture and recycle. Once the cardboard is ready, branding and information is stamped directly onto it, and is then folded to make space for six eggs inside, while providing a durable protective barrier on the outside. Finishing off the design is a useful carrying handle.

In addition, Chaurasia even includes the health benefits that the eggs themselves offer on the inside of the packaging, such as the ability to clear acne, help build muscle, encourage hair growth, and decrease the risk of cancer.