The 'MONG MONT' Wall Humidifier Hides in Plain Sight

 - Oct 13, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'MONG MONT' wall humidifier comes as an artistic approach to home environment augmentation that will hide in plain sight as a modern piece of artwork within any room. Designed by Kim Hyeonseok, the 'MONG MONT' features a monochromatic mountain scape that disguises water vapor as the mist thats rising over the mountains. This makes it a charming appliance to place on a wall anywhere within a home or office and will turn the functionality into something to be admired rather than hidden away.

The conceptual 'MONG MONT' wall humidifier helps to regulate the temperature within a space and even reduce airborne allergens, which speaks to growing consumer preferences for a healthy indoor space. The unit features a discreet display at the bottom right corner to let users know of the current humidity level.