Svigals + Partners New Sandy Hook Elementary Accommodates for Trauma

 - Oct 27, 2017
References: dezeen
Sandy Hook Elementary School is infamous as the site of one of the most horrific acts of gun violence in American history, and the school's new redesign from Svigals + Partners takes the community's subsequent trauma into account. The new public building seamlessly combines elegant design with the latest anti-terror measures in order to provide a physically and psychologically safe space for the student and teachers who attend it, many of whom are no doubt still struggling to deal with the trauma of the 2012 shooting.

Rather than building something that looks as brutal and unappealing as a fortress, Svigals + Partners incorporated strategic design to make the new Sandy Hook Elementary safer. For example, an extended rain garden acts as a walkway into the premises, so any intruder would be exposed for an extended period while making their way toward the school.