- Nov 26, 2017
Architecture is interesting in that the products of the practice, buildings like those in the November 2017 architecture trends, are definitively boring. Buildings are purposefully designed to stay solid, to change as little as possible over time. And yet architecture is also infinitely fascinating — though buildings themselves are solid and stoic, the thought, form, and function behind each of them provides a font of joy, pleasure, and critique for those who visit them.

A modern trend in architecture is to take inspiration from the natural world. Though buildings are some of the few things that can definitively be defined as outside of nature, that hasn't stopped architects from looking to the outside world in designing their edifices. Gerner Gerner Plus' 'Butterfly Houses' are shaped after the selfsame insects, and the King Adbullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center takes inspiration from natural crystalline structures in its facade.

From Modernist Archery Ranges to Acadia-Inspired Cottages: