Triangular Sky Cafe is Built from Recycled Materials

 - Oct 18, 2017
References: archdaily
Sustainability is an important factor in both architecture and the coffee industry, and Triangular Sky Cafe is a Taiwanese coffee shop that takes the idea of environmental responsibility to heart. The cafe is built out of recycled shipping containers, making it a far more eco-friendly structure than it would be were it built out of newly fabricated materials.

Not only is Triangular Sky Cafe ecologically efficient, but it's also efficient for its customers. The shop has a drive-through area for customers who are arriving to the cafe via scooter, allowing them to pick up their orders without having to park. There is a massive volume of scooter traffic in Taiwan, which makes the scooter drive-through a clever addition.

For those who do have the time to park and relax, the center of the cafe features a small, closed off patio that isolates patrons in a calm space in the midst of the city.