'Coallia' is Covered in an Enameled Paneling That Reflects Light

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: archdaily
'Coallia', a residence for migrant workers in Paris, features a unique facade design that helps it to stand out from the classically designed buildings that surround it. The facade is composed of angled terra cotta panels that are covered in reflective, iridescent enamels, causing the building to appear to shimmer in the sun.

Coallia was built by Peripheriques Arichitectes to serve as public housing for migrants. The paneling that covers it thus acts as something of a metaphor. Just as the panels reflect the sky and surrounding buildings while changing and distorting them into something iridescent and beautiful, the workers who live there reflect the mores of Parisian society while changing them through the reflective enamel of their own life experience.