Jaransanitwong Archery Club is Designed in the Vein of Modernism

 - Oct 7, 2017
References: archdaily
Archery is an incredibly old pastime, but the Jaransanitwong Archery Club is nonetheless designed with clear inspiration from the modernist movement. The Bangkok facility features a bright blue paint job that blends in with the Thailand sky, and its form factor is smooth and flowing in the same manner as some of the most famous modernist landmarks like the Guggenheim Museum and the Sydney Opera House.

On top of its clear mid-century leanings, Jaransanitwong Archery Club is also inspired by the shape of a modern recurve bow. Though traditional bows form a simple arc similar to the shape of a parenthesis, modern bows increase power and reduce effort with an elegant, drawn out "w" shape that curves back out at the edges — hence the name recurve. The front facade of Jaransanitwong Archery Club is inspired by this shape, with an in-and-out flow that exaggerates the figure.