'The Firefly' Adds Instant Firepower to a Swiss Army Knife

 - Oct 30, 2017
References: tortoisegear & kickstarter
Have you ever wished you could quickly add a reliable fire starter to your Swiss Army knife? Well now you can.

'The Firefly' is a new accessory that gives the Swiss Army knife instant firepower, making it even more useful. A fire-starting device is an essential item. The Firefly is simple and very effective. Just remove the toothpick from a Swiss Army knife and replace it with The Firefly, for a lightweight, waterproof way to start a fire. And it fits inside a knife so it doesn’t add any pocket bulk at all. It really is the ultimate Swiss Army knife accessory and the best EDC fire starter to date.

The Firefly sparking material is a custom blend designed with a low-ignition temperature and softer characteristics. This makes it easier to spark and softer than typical firesteel/ferrocerrium rods so it's easier on knife edges. Its break strength has also been tailored to twice the break strength of typical firesteel.

The Firefly comes in two sizes and is designed to work seamlessly with a large variety of Swiss Army knives both large and small.