From Numberless Watch Designs to Touchscreen Timepieces

 - Aug 13, 2013
This list of colorless, hand-less and numberless watch designs proves that some people like to keep things simple when it comes to timepieces. Contrary to decked-out accessories, some of these watches look so plain to the point it becomes futuristic.

The Abacus by German watchmaker Erich Lacher has no ticks, numbers, hands or LEDs. The creator has somehow figured out a way to tell time using nothing but a free-rolling tiny metal ball. Though it isn't very accurate, a magnetic technology works to appropriately position the ball to indicate time. Of course, this wouldn't be very accurate, but this extreme watch face design would be ideal for many minimalists.

High-tech watches are often minimalist in appearance as well. The Abyss Watch is a touchscreen LED timepiece with no numbers or hands. Its watch face is simply circular and futuristic in style.