This Nonlinear Slip Watch Goes Back to Basics

 - May 21, 2013
References: watchismo
The Nonlinear Slip Watch offers a simplistic approach to time-telling. This breathtakingly minimalist watch's design features no numbers and no ticks. The only thing that it has are the bare essentials: the hands of the clock and the wrist strap. Other than that, this watch designed by Evan Clabots is brilliantly bare.

It also appears as through the watch face has slipped on the band and become off-centered at a 20 degree angle; this is all part of the premeditated design. Clabot designed it like this to make it more ergonomic to read. With the edge of the band as a reference point, the nonlinear slip watch's face intersects at the hours of 12 and nine. Removing all unnecessary markings and moving back to the essentials, this watch is just as sophisticated as it is simple.