- Apr 26, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Be the hottest geek on the street with any one of these Segway spin-offs. Where would the world be without custom Segways?

The world would be a much darker place, that's for sure. Segways look relatively tame by default, but it's always been my secret desire to ride one. Hopefully, I won't have to settle for one of these Segway spin-offs, although driving a rocket ship Segway might not be so bad.

Implications - This cluster of 30 segway spin-offs is absolutely brilliant. After going through this collection, you will definitely come to see the influential effect that the segway has had on pop culture. God bless the cave man who invented the wheel, and as a result, inadvertently made the segway possible.

From Golf Segways to Skateboard Scooters: