The P.U.M.A Segway Redesign Gets You Around the City

 - Oct 12, 2009
References: & gizmodo
Remember the first time you saw a Segway, and you thought it looked ridiculous? Guess who’s about to take ridiculous to the 2.0? The P.U.M.A. Segway Redesign takes the silly appearance and geek appeal of the old school Segway, and then doubles it.

The design and concept team behind this funny-looking contraption explain it as thus, according to "[This Segway] breaks the form with several bone lines, leading the eye from front to back rather that top to bottom, and moves closer to the ground for a smooth ride. The two-seater segway connects more emotionally with passengers through its through form and details."

All this sounds fine and good, but at the end of the day, the P.U.M.A. Segway Design is still just a Segway.