The PriestmanGoode Scooter Reduces Mobility Issues in the Elderly

 - Jan 17, 2017
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The newly conceived PriestmanGoode scooter was designed to ensure that the elderly and others with mobility issues are able to remain active for longer, without tiring themselves out too much.

Although scooters for elderly people and disabled individuals exist, this scooter was designed to ensure that style, comfort and physical activity were all incorporated in its function. The prototype features a design similar to that of a suitcase, with a padded front compartment that can hold groceries and the user's personal belongings. The design has two large wheels and one smaller one, and the scooter part of the product can be snapped up when it is not in use. When users do not want to exert too much energy, the scooter has an optional seat and electric power mode that relieves potential strain.

The stylish PriestmanGoode scooter ensures that individuals with mobility issues can remain physically active and independent while still retaining their personal comfort and health.