The 'MEMOBIRD' Prints Messages from Anywhere in the World

 - Nov 9, 2017
References: mymemobird
We overwhelmingly utilize our smartphones and computers for communication these days, so the 'MEMOBIRD' printer has been created to offer users the ability to create physical keepsakes whenever desired.

The printer works by incorporating a compact size that can be used anywhere from the home to the office and offering a connection to the Internet that lets it receive messages from friends and family. This makes it ideal for seniors and offering a charming way to receive messages from those you care about the most.

The 'MEMOBIRD' printer works like a receipt printer and doesn't require ink, but rather uses rolls of paper as the main compartment that needs to be refilled with continued use. The printer can be activated in seconds to receive messages from those in the same city, on the other side of the planet and everywhere in between.