From AI Finance Assistants to Odor Detection Apps

 - Jul 1, 2016
Musical fast food tray liners from McDonald's and odor-detecting apps from Nivea are just a few of the most intriguing June 2016 mobile marketing ideas. While a mobile is essential to all of these examples of mobile marketing, interactions are sparked by everything from chatbots to physical posters and apps.

In order to showcase a few of its series, Netflix set up posters that are specifically meant to be used with Snapchat's face swap feature. Another standout Snapchat campaign comes from Wow Air, a budget airline that's looking to fly 'SnapTravelers' around the world, provided that they share their journeys on social media.

The newest updates to Facebook Messenger have turned it into a genius markeing platform, especially when AI chat bots are used. Burger King, Activision and Mic are already making the most of bots to drive engagement.