Mic's 'Offsite' Encourages Readers to Take Action After Reading a Story

'Offsite' is a soon-to-be-launched news bot from media company Mic that's set to change the way readers interact with content on and off the site.

Mic is a media company with a huge Millennial female readership of young women who want to be both informed and engaged after reading an article. As such, the new Offsite feature from Mic will prompt readers to take some kind of action after reading a story. For instance, a reader may be called out to sign a Change.org petition, attend an organized Eventbrite protest or support a Kickstarter campaign that fits the theme of the article.

While Offsite has yet to officially launch, there are plans for integration with Kik and Facebook Messenger. The concept for Offsite was developed at the recent Global Editors Network hack-a-thon by Mic team members. Ultimately, the project proposal went on to win the hack-a-thon, since it is expected to offer a new way to connect the online community with offline causes.