In a Moving Car, 'Mr. Bear Driver' Teaches Kids to Follow Traffic Rules

 - May 19, 2016
References: & adsoftheworld
'Bear Ride' is an app from the Automobile Club of Romania that serves two purposes—it keeps kids from getting bored on long road trips and simultaneously, teaches them the rules of the road.

What makes the game even more interesting is that it is activated inside of a moving car in order to provide a more real gaming experience. For instance, the speed of the moving vehicle in-game is a reflection of a real vehicle's motion.

In order to educate the next generation, as well as correct the behaviors of adults currently on the roads, this game penalizes players when limits are exceeded and speed is not safely reduced. Most educational games are bound to have a direct influence on players, but it's rare to see an activity of this kind that an also change the way others behave.