- Jul 1, 2016
From from bouncy backyard waterparks to fitness-focused trampolines, the June 2016 kids trends reveal that parents are eager to find new ways to keep their children active this summer.

As usual, there are a number of low-tech options for parents to choose from when it comes to keeping kids entertained outdoors. This includes everything from blow-up bouncy castles equipped with slides and water cannons to pool noodles that allow kids to reenact their favorite scenes from Star Wars. While these toys are sure to provide hours of outdoor fun, they require little to no maintenance for parents.

However, for moms and dads that are looking to upgrade their outdoor equipment, there are a number of high-tech devices that encourage children to stay active and engaged. Indeed, the June 2016 kids trends reveal that parents are increasingly turning to technology to provide children with new playtime experiences. Some examples of high-tech children's toys include smartphone-connected racing games, tablet-integrated trampolines and realistic robot dogs.

From Bouncy Backyard Waterparks to Activity-Encouraging Trampolines: