The Springfree Trampoline Encourages Kids to Get More Exercise

The Springfree Trampoline is a piece of connected play equipment that encourages children to get more exercise. These days, many parents are looking for fun and engaging ways to help kids stay active. This trampoline not only serves as a great form of exercise, but it also turns an ordinary jumping experience into an interactive game that will help kids spend more time outdoors.

As part of a partnership with the digital gaming company 'tgoma,' the Springfree Trampoline gives kids a new way to enjoy bouncing around outdoors. The trampoline itself features specialized sensor technology that sends data to the user's tablet via Bluetooth. The tablet can be hung inside the trampoline and controlled with the accompanying tgoma remote. Kids can then choose from seven interactive games that put a fun twist on exercise. The app will even show jump stats, energy burned and other fitness information so parents can track their child's activity.

Instead of fighting against digital technology, the Spingfree Trampoline uses new devices to turn screen time into an engaging activity.