- Jul 2, 2016
Octopus-shaped kites, modular play forts and voice-activated toys are just a few of the top June 2016 toys. These examples include both high-tech and technology-free activities that encourage active and outdoor play, which will be of particular interest to parents and their children in the coming summer months. Some of the most intriguing summer toys include swings, scooters, pools and trampolines that have been reimagined for a new generation.

The rise of 3D printing and maker culture is causing old toys to be introduced as new again. This includes everything from marble mazes to retro gaming consoles, as well as classic games like Battleship, Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four.

Alongside simple 3D-printed toys are other low-tech playthings like board games, forts and plush toys that come in imaginative new forms.

From Yoga-Posing Plushies to Urban Planning Games: