The Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb is Priced at $40,000

 - May 19, 2016
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
It could be hard to believe, but the Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb is priced at a whopping $40,000 and features an ornate design that likens it to a piece of art rather than just a child's toy.

The labyrinth orb features a gyroscopic design that requires children (or adults) to guide the ball through the maze that features a whopping 192-feet of track. As one might assume from this, the toy can be played with for hours with a number of different track options within the interior to ensure that no two plays are the same.

The Massive 3D Labyrinth Orb requires 400-hours to construct and is suitable for a variety of individuals. However, the high price point makes it only suitable for those affluent gamers out there.