The Giant 3D Octopus Flying Kite Brings the Aquatic Creature to the Skies

 - May 19, 2016
References: emmakites & thegreenhead
The Giant 3D Octopus flying kite is designed to take to the skies and offer a whimsical experience for the flyer and those in the surrounding area. While the kite is designed to be ornately beautiful, the design is somewhat different from the traditional design of a kite. This makes the kite a more professional piece of equipment that will require a bit more skill and practice to fly.

The Giant 3D Octopus kites comes in several different color options and, given that it is octopus-shaped, features eight tentacles that extend from the bottom. The tentacles flap and wave in the wind when the flying kite is in use and provides a somewhat eerie sight for those on the ground.