This Rubik Cube Toy is Painted and Carved from an Apple

 - May 5, 2016
References: instagram & foodiggity
Fruttart Scuruchi is an Instagram account belonging to an artist of the same name that offers detailed apple carvings, including this realistic-looking rubik cube toy. The brainteaser is carved entirely from an apple and features a painted design to replicate the aesthetic of the popular childhood toy.

To achieve the brainteaser's cubic shape, Fruttart Scuruchi slices the able down into angular edges from the fruit's rounded core. The apple is then ever so slightly etched to create the three by three grid on each side and painted in the traditional colors of the rubik's cube. While his version of the game can't actually be played, its compostable make does call attention to the timeless quality of a real rubik's cube.

Fruttart Scuruchi shares a video of how he made the edible toy for fans wishing to do the same.